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Why do we use Flat rate better than hourly rate:

Another advantage of a flat-rate pricing model used by Movers of Edmonton, (AMANE MOVING SERVICES) is that flat fees are transparent and easy for customers to understand. With hourly rates, customers might agree to a service and end up owing more than they expect, which can lead to dissatisfaction and difficulty collecting payment.

Typical hourly rate moving companies often end up charging their customers extra fees on top of the hourly rate which leaves the customer in the end paying extremely high bills for the moving service. At Amane Moving our flat rate policy ensures that customers are charged what they were quoted based on the initial information the customer provided; there are no hidden fees.

Flat Rates put the Focus on Productivity
One advantage of a flat-rate pricing model is that flat fees reward productivity. This means that Amane Moving Services are focused on finding ways to deliver as much value as possible as quickly as possible. Hourly pricing for services does not reward productivity: a moving company that charges by the hour earns the same amount for a day of work regardless of how hard he worked. A move that should take only a few hours can end up taking the full day just to charge the customer more; this is never the case with flat rate pricing.

Hire a flat rate moving company like Amane Moving Services/Movers of Edmonton and you will soon discover the advantages of flat rate pricing for yourself.

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